African Safaris

Interests: African Safari

Explore the wonders of this fascinating continent. Mingling with the wildlife in their native habitat and visiting tribal cultures will leave you with indelible memories. Africa is calling you now!

Art & Cultural Trips

Photo: Art & Heritage Cultural Trips

Cultural exchanges or simply an Art inspired getaway are both fantastic options when traveling to educate yourself. History, heritage and culture are what differentiate so many places in this world and make...


Interests: Cruising

Sailing the blue tranquil oceans aboard a modern vessel filled with world class entertainment, gourmet food and 5 star services can be both affordable and luxurious. It offers something for the whole family...

Culinary Adventures

Photo: Culinary Adventures

Enjoying a cultures cuisine can be one of the most rewarding aspects of traveling the world. Taking in the local customs, tastes and delicacies can be a hand crafted by one of our specialists.

Destination Wedding

Photo: Destination Weddings

Looking to tie the knot in a new and exciting locale? Turn your wedding day into a "mini-vacation" for you and your guests. Consider a destination wedding where you can combine a luxurious...


Photo: Eco-Tourism

Focusing on socially responsible travel and environmental sustainability, Ecotourism typically involves travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. There are...

Family Travel

Photo: Family Travel

In today’s world, family travel doesn’t need to be restricted to the old-fashioned road trip; it can be a tropical all-inclusive resort or a mega-cruise ship holiday. African Safari is one of the more popular...

Gay & Lesbian Travel

Photo: Gay & Lesbian Travel

Gay & Lesbian travelers often have special interests. There are many unique locations targeted towards alternative lifestyle travelers. Events such as the GLBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo lure almost 3.5...

Group Tours

Photo: Group Tours

A stress free way to travel and an opportunity to see all the necessary sites. Allow a tour operator to handle your hotel accommodations, transportation and sightseeing so that the only thing you have to...


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