Analytical Client Services

In the business world, networking is everything!  Our affiliation with two of the leading travel management companies in the world, Virtuoso & The Frosch Travel Group, along with our premium preferred vendor relationships with airlines, car rental agencies and hoteliers, afford you the cutting edge resources and management available in Corporate Travel today. 

We will collaborate and consult with your team to find the perfect balance between outstanding service and fiscal management. Our luxury consulting agencies will allow us to provide your company the best the Corporate Travel Industry has to offer. 

Our success is measured by our ability to serve and exceed the expectations from you, our customer. Our team of specialists is committed to reducing travel spending while providing an efficient, comprehensive menu of services geared towards your corporate polices, travel management style and convenience for your traveler. 

Tactical Travel Management

Nearly 10 percent of most businesses' overall expenses are related to travel.  We realize the importance of maximizing every dollar spent on business travel and that is why we provide a dynamic and hands on consultative service leveraged by the purchasing power of a global travel management company with $18 billion dollars in travel spend. 

From the very beginning of our relationship, we cater to your individual travel needs and corporate ideologies.  Unlike the mega agencies, you will never experience a faceless call center.  Each one of our specialists is US-based and is employed by Your Travel Center, which results in superior customer service from someone who will become familiar with your individual needs. 

24-hour service is provided to ensure consistent levels of service to your company's global traveler.

Our Priority is YOU & Your Travelers

Each corporate customer is designated a group of expert travel advisors who are responsible for supporting your travel needs, guaranteeing that your business travelers receive expert, customized and practical services on the front line.  We proactively seek out ways to generate savings, accelerate service, and improve traveler satisfaction.

When choosing a travel management company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you and your travelers get the tailored service you desire, both online & offline?
  • How often (if ever) will your travel provider consult with you to review your program, travel trends, best practices and areas for improvement?
  • If you need to speak with someone, how long will you have to hold before you get someone?
  • How will you track ROI for your travel spend?
  • How can you prove savings to your senior management?

All of this we can provide and more. 

 Maximizing ROI

The Your Travel Center Effect

Your Travel Center's corporate account executive is the specialist for your travel program.  Your account executive works closely with you to develop a sound travel policy, assess practices and point out areas for enhancement. Vendor negotiation is an area of expertise at Your Travel Center

We will partner with you to leverage the very best travel programs offered – whether through Frosch's buying power or grounded on your own capacity.  Our focus is always on what is in your organization’s best interest

Your Travel Center - A Member of the Frosch Travel Group has over $1.5 Billion dollars in buying power and offers pre-negotiated rates.  It is our job to proactively seek out ways to deliver deeper discounts and rates specific to YOUR needs.  A complete program management solution is provided to each corporate customer. 

You will get a personalized program that maximizes the return on your travel investment.  With experienced travel analysts, proven travel management philosophies and cutting edge technology, you can count on Your Travel Center to provide stellar results for your business travelers and business travel program. 

Incentive Travel with Your Travel Center

Our Incentive Award Services Include:

  • Personalized group or individual incentive travel rewards.
  • Your Travel Center's help with procurement with air travel, hotel rooms, event space, transfers and onsite Travel Management Companies.
  • Enhanced experiences at destinations worldwide offered to attendees.
  • Entertainment advice and expertise. 
  • Execution of themed gala events.
  • Assistance with selection and procurement of company branded merchandise, room gifts and amenities.
  • Post-meeting reports, evaluation and cost analysis.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your Travel Center, with help from Virtuoso and The Frosch Travel Group, continuously looks to improve and enhance technology that helps our corporate customers.  In the travel industry, it is imperative to keep up with the latest technological tools to ensure efficiency and program effectiveness.  Your Travel Center uses multiple Global Distribution Systems to provide the lowest prices available for air, car, hotel and rail reservations.

Duty of Care

Your Travel Center is pleased to have a new technology product called SafeToGo.  SafeToGo affords you with all of the necessary elements to provide “duty of care” to your travelers.  This technology alerts your travelers of flight cancellations, delays, gate changes, extreme weather, etc.   SafeToGo offers three major services:  an app for your traveler’s use, a full size travel document (itinerary) and an itinerary map.

The SafeToGo app (which can be downloaded for free) will display a fully detailed itinerary on your mobile device without manual input.   Additionally, the SafeToGo app synchronizes with your calendar, so you can add your own events to it!

A full sized travel document is delivered to your traveler by email at time of ticketing, and to your company appointed travel arranger. This itinerary/invoice is archived for one full year and can be retrieved by your office via a private web portal.

The SafeToGo Itinerary Map will display the location of everyone traveling for your company.  When hazards such as tsunamis, terrorist activities or bad weather occur while your travelers are away, the hazard impacting the traveler will be displayed on a map that is accessible to both you and our travel counselors.

Online Booking Tools


Currently being utilized in over 90 countries and in 11 languages, Concur features multiple Global Distribution Systems, support for low cost air carriers, off-line content and more.  It is capable of showcasing your company's preferred suppliers and it helps ensure your business travel will spend within the guidelines of your Travel Policy.  Concur Travel makes the process seamless for your business travelers which gives them more time to do what they do best, focus on their own job. 

Features Include

  • Lower Travel and Booking Costs
  • Monitoring of Travel Made Easier
  • Expense Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Increased Productivity
  • Program Management
 Why Use Us?

Program Management & Compliance

Business intellect and policy implementation are the two principal mechanisms to monitoring your organization's travel spend.  At Your Travel Center, we syndicate the finest tools with the proficiency and analysis delivered by your account specialist.  The YTC Collection of Amenities offer your company comprehension into spend, developments, and scales against travel platforms of comparable size, industry or geographic region.  We give you the ability to make decisions at the point of sale with the advice of a real live human who is dedicated to your travel program's success.  These levels of control are customizable to fit your organization's philosophy and travel goals.

Collection of Amenities

Our Policy Compliancy program directly contributes to the success or your company's travel program.  It is our job to help you monitor and track policy compliance, quality control, document delivery and ticket tracking. 

Our Quality Control technology monitors your passenger booking data and ensures the validity and accuracy of all transactions along with checking for lowest airfares up to your date of departure. 

Your Travel Center also has the technology to deliver personalized travel invoices and itineraries in a variety of formats that best fit your travelers' needs.  Complete and concise travel information can be sent via fax, email, PDF, HTML or a smart phone.  We have Applications that can be used to make travel seamless as well as adding to the traveler's overall experience. 

Ticket tracking is key to our success working with corporate clients like yourself.  It is essential to analyze all data and transactions, especially with airline tickets.  If booked elsewhere, complex tickets and changes would not get the same amount of attention as we provide. All cost savings and possible ways to save you money in the future is our responsibility as well. 


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